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hale (adj.)

"in good health, robust," Old English hal "healthy, sound, safe; entire; uninjured; genuine, straight forward - the Scottish and northern English form of whole.”

Hale Sports lives at the intersection of high performance training and life science research. We focus on professional, collegiate, and exceptional youth athletes and decipher their biomarkers to explain the way athletes are built and how they function.

The Hale Sports Process

guiding coaches, trainers and athletes

Your Capabilities

What's in your genes - we translate your DNA testing results into sports specific language - are you built for power or for endurance?

Your Training

We capture the information from all the training systems you use, track your biomarkers, and provide a personalized training plan for you based on your genes, biomarkers and physiology.

Your Potential

Hale Sports tracks what your changing biomarkers signal about your power, endurance, nutrition, sleep habits and mental acuity - every element of your sports fitness - to guide you to exceed your potential.

About Us


We partner with exceptional athletes, their coaches and their trainers to create a winning high-performance sports team.


We track each athlete's performance in-season and off. Our program maximizes performance, anticipates and minimizes injury, accelerates rehabilitation and guides the athlete's training to assure longevity.


To tell every athlete what they are made of, provide the data to every trainer to know how their athletes function, and help coaches to win on game day with their best athletes.


We apply our proprietary AI systems to interrogate genetic, physiological, biochemical and performance metrics. We then create customized performance programs tailored to individual athletes that match the goals of our partners.


+1 805.456.4200
221 River St. Hoboken, NJ 07030
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